Meal Preps


Our meal preps are prepared fresh to order. delicious. and healthy. We use locally sourced ingredients to prepare our recipes and bring them straight to you from our kitchen to yours. Just fresh, wholesome food that everyone can enjoy.  Meals have a 5-day shelf life.

We also ship out of state with dry ice, overnight delivery. Additional fees included.

We also customize our meals to fit most dietary restrictions and conditions. Whether you want Keto preps to help with weight loss or have developed kidney disease or cancer, we have a plan for you to eat healthy and not have to worry about cooking. 

Because of fresh ingredients and shelf-life concerns, we only offer weekly meal plans. Our pricing is based on a family of 4. 

Our menus are either provided to us by the client(s) preference, or we provide weekly menus to our current, contracted, clients at the beginning of each week. A "Contract of Agreement" will be discussed with each client before signing. Our contract is for a 4-week period initially and can be extended upon client request/approval. An intention to extend or cancel must be submitted to us through our contact page 1 week prior to the end of the agreement period.


Our meal chart  below is based on a family of 4 people.  For Additional family members (add $50)

3 dinners per week-$250 + groceries

4 dinners per week-$300 + groceries

5 dinners per week-$325 + groceries

Our meal chart below is for families with additional meal requirements for a family of 4. For additional family members (add $75)


3 breakfasts and 3 dinners-$350 + groceries

4-breakfasts and 4 dinners-$400 + groceries

5 breakfasts and 5 dinners-$425 + groceries


Please submit a request through this site for families requiring meal preps for all three (3) meal periods.